Can I Eat Quest Bars While On Keto Diet? (Secret Weapon)

quest bar keto diet

Missed your lunch or didn't get time to prepare dinner?

Looking for a snack that you can buy from any store and provides enough protein?

Something that doesn't kick you out of ketosis and doesn't taste like rubber?

Good news, we have a solution for you.

We are going to check out Quest Bars and see if and how they fit into your ketogenic diet regimen.

The Quest Bars are probably one of the most popular bars among dieters and non-dieters.

They taste good, give a quick energy boost and what's most important, you can buy them from everywhere.

Protein Bar vs Cereal Bar vs Hero Bar

Before we dive deep into the nuts and bolts of where they sit in the ketogenic diet, let's take a second and clarify which snack-bars to Quest offer and on which of them we are going to focus in this article.

So, in a nutshell, Quest offers three types of bars: Protein bars, Cereal bars, and Hero bars. Protein Bars, as the name states, are high in protein.

Cereal Bars are made from grains and Hero Bar is somewhere between Protein Bar and Beyond Cereal Bar.

From a classical diet perspective, macronutrients for all three bars are good. All of them are low on carbs when comparing to Snickers or similar.

But when it comes to keto, then Beyond Cereal Bar and Hero Bar don't make the cut thanks to their high sugar composition. Cereal bar contains 8g of sugar and Hero bar whopping 12g.

quest bar keto

That does not fit into the ketogenic lifestyle and is not a good idea to add to your diet. That is why we go on by looking into Quest Protein Bar, as it has the most suitable macros for the keto diet. Only 4g of net carbs (incl. 1g of sugar).

Quest Protein Bar

Quest Beyond Cereal Bar

Quest Hero Bar

Calories per serving




Total fat




Total carbohydrate




Dietary fiber
















What are Quest Protein Bars made of?

Quest Protein Bars are one of the most popular fast energy snacks out there. Their main goal is to be fast protein source when you are on the run. These bars are low in carbs and fats.

They taste so sweet due to the artificial sweeteners added in them. So, this is a two-edged sword.

On the one hand it is a low-carb snack that can help you out when you are in time trouble or fighting with cravings.

At the other end, they contain artificial sweeteners which may not support your health goals. The main question is if you agree to eat artificial sweeteners or not.  

If articicial sweeteners are a deal breaker for you, then check out our full keto snack guide (with natural sweeteners).

quest bar keto

Quest Protein Bar ingredients:

  • Protein Blend (Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Isolate)
  • Soluble Corn Fiber (Prebiotic Fiber)
  • Almonds
  • star
    Unsweetened Chocolate
  • star
  • star
    Cocoa Butter
  • star
    Sucralose, Stevia, Sea salt (less than 2%)

Quest Protein Bar macros are pretty good. Only 4g of net carbs and whopping 21 grams of protein per bar. With these numbers it's important also to verify that you don't overeat your daily protein goals.

Is Quest Protein Bar keto friendly?

This is the question that comes to mind for many of us who just start out with a ketogenic diet and scan through the keto food list, trying to find something that can give you enough motivation to live through one more day of this new fat lifestyle.

The first thing to look for in a protein bar to determine if it's keto friendly is the number of net carbs. Of course, added grains like rice, barley, oats, etc. are off limits.

PS! Quest Bars, although delicious, can often light up carb addiction in some individuals thanks to their sweet taste. Just a thing to be aware of.
quest bar keto

The second part of the equation: as with any other "Is it keto friendly?" food question, the answer is: does it fit your macros? It really is as simple as that.

If you are just starting out then keep your net carb intake below 20 grams per day, if you are keto-adapted then below 50 grams per day.

Quest bars are favorite among bodybuilders, Pilates instructors and fitness gurus. If you are on a keto diet and your macros can fit them, then you can enjoy them too.

The good

  • Only 4g of net carbs
  • Taste is delicious
  • High in protein
  • Affordable snack
  • Available in every grocery store

The bad

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Can create more cravings
  • Easy to eat too much

There are good and bad things to consider, but at the end of the day, it depends where are you at. If you need to choose between a cheat meal because your cravings are killing you versus a delicious quest bar then the fast snack may not be a bad call after all.

At the other hand, if you have enough self governance, you may have enough power to say no to cravings and bars when times get rough.

Should I eat Quest bars during keto?

Let's face it, they are a treat, and should not be included as main part of your regular keto diet. They are perfect if you truly are on the run, traveling or almost falling off the keto wagon and considering cheat days.

If you don't eat too much of them (staying inside your daily macros), you will not be kicked out of ketosis.

So technically they are keto friendly.

Hey, we understand that all of us may need snacks during some time of the diet.

That's why we have created a full list of keto snacks to choose from when times get hard.

But to give a final answer, then we would suggest using them only when in real need.

quest bar keto

Don't start your days with 2 Quest Bars in the morning and 2 in the evening. This is just not sustainable.

» Check out keto friendly quest bars here

Final thoughts

Quest Bars are truly one of the most popular and affordable snacks out there. Most of them have already decent macros but when it comes to the keto diet, then only the Quest Protein Bar makes the cut.

They are high in protein and low fat and carbs. Quest Protein Bar contains 4g of net carbs, which is pretty keto friendly.

Quest protein bars suit well into a keto gift basket.

The main reasons why everyone like them is their sweet delicious taste, which comes with artificial sweeteners, which is also the downside of this game.

The main question is, do you want to add artificial sweeteners into your diet or not. But at the same time, we cannot cut out all the sweeteners even if we really wanted to.

Quest Protein Bars are keto friendly and they are the perfect solution when you are on the run, are falling off the keto wagon or traveling.

They are the perfect supplement for your diet, but please don’t start your day out with 2 Quest Bars and finish it with 3 more, that's not how it works.

Enjoy your ketosis and Quest Protein Bars.


4 thoughts on “Can I Eat Quest Bars While On Keto Diet? (Secret Weapon)”

  1. Donna Thornburg

    Just had a quest mint chocolate chip bar for dessert . They are delicious and a dessert for me every night on my keto diet. Still in Ketosis!

    1. Hi Donna!

      Yep, they are delicious, but sometimes can be even too delicious! As long as you stay in ketosis and fat is burning, everything will be superb.

      How much have you lost already?


  2. Larry Barber

    you don’t need these – even the owner warned about being kicked out of ketosis on them

    1. Hi Larry!

      I totally agree! You don’t need Quest bars and you shouldn’t add them to your menu just because you can.

      But, if you are falling off the keto wagon, then I suggest eating a couple of quest bars.

      WHY? to kill the cravings. It’s still better than doing a 3-day carb fest full of pizza, burgers, and alcohol. After which you will feel bloated and unmotivated.

      Good luck!

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