28 Useful “Keto Gifts” for the KETO Fan in Your Life [2023]

keto gift ideas

Holidays and birthdays are fun, but finding excellent keto gifts for our loved ones can be a challenge.

We all have someone in our life who is enjoying the keto life and that’s AWESOME!

If you are shopping for someone who can eat less than 20 grams carbs per day, things will get tricky.

You can bet, that they will love any of these gifts and will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness,

as they still need to throw away all the candies and cookies they receive for every other holiday.

keto gifts

That’s why I have created this clever list of gifts that are excellent for anyone following the low-carb lifestyle.

“Must-have” for Anyone Doing Keto

These are must-have products that will have the biggest impact on your keto journey. Now, you can go keto without them, but these items will make life SOOOO much easier. Here are four mandatory items that every keto dieter will be happy about.

#1. Perfect Keto Starter Bundle

This starter bundle contains EVERYTHING you need to get started on the ketogenic diet. In it, you will find 1 keto collagen, 1 MCT oil powder, 1 exogenous ketone base (best tasting keto supplement in the world) and 1 bottle of ketone testing strips (100 count).Why am I suggesting this? Because it comes with a BIG discount33% OFF the list price. That’s a crazy deal!This bundle will help you to enter ketosis, measure the results and stay there. It also makes your morning coffee bulletproof and supports your diet.» Check out Perfect Keto Starter Bundle here

perfect keto starter pack keto gift

#2. Keto Mojo Blood Ketone Meter

In order to ace the keto diet you need to be in “ketosis”. Measuring your state of ketosis will make or break your dietary efforts.

Thus measuring your ketone levels are vital part of this process and the most accurate way is using blood ketone meter.

There are several options on the market but I suggest Keto Mojo. Why? Because it’s the best bang for your buck.

Ketone meter is reasonably priced and what’s the most important, additional ketone strips are cheap!

» Check out Keto Mojo ketone meter here

keto gift keto mojo

#3. Keto Electrolytes (essential)

Electrolyte balance is one of the most critical yet often overlooked components of an enjoyable keto diet.Simply put, low-carb diets strip electrolytes through body fluid excretion. This also removes the essential electrolytes present in our bodies.This shortage can result in brain fog, headaches, low-energy, sleep, and digestive issues – commonly referred to as the “keto flu.”

The easiest way to overcome this is to support your diet with essential electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium). Electrolytes protect your body’s natural balance and support healthy mental and physical performance.

Use a special code “APERFECT15” and save 15% on your order.» Check out essential keto electrolytes here

keto electrolytes

#4. Audible Membership (audiobooks)

Audible has been the biggest life-changer for me. Basically, you can listen to any audiobook while you are cleaning your house or during your morning cardio.A vital part of the keto diet is research and understanding how your body works. What could be better than listening to some keto science during your evening commute?That’s why Audible subscription is the MOST USEFUL gift you can give to anyone. You will get 1 audiobook + 2 Audible originals every month + exclusive audio-guided wellness programs.» Check out Amazon Audible subscription here

audible keto gift

Keto Kitchen Essentials

Once you start following any low-carb diet (especially keto), then you will find yourself from the kitchen more and more often. This can be stressful if you don’t have the right tools that support your goals.

Here are some awesome kitchen essentials that will help make you a pro keto cook!

#5. Smart Water Bottle (hydration tracker)

Do you drink enough water? I have the same problem. That’s why I started using smart water bottles to remind me.

I love how it connects with my activity tracker and gives you quick suggestions for how much water YOU actually need that day. Also, a great tool, if that someone in your life needs an extra boost to break up diet soda…H2OPal automatically tracks your hydration, auto-adjusts your goals based on YOUR activity, weather, and profile (height, sex, etc.) information.» Check out H2oPal Smart water bottle here

smart water bottle keto gift

PS! It works flawlessly with iPhone, BUT Android app is in early beta, so it doesn’t work properly with Android phones.

#6. The Vegetable Spiralizer

The Spiralizer is the holy grail of “keto spaghetti” called Zoodles. They are a fantastic spaghetti alternative – let’s face it, in the beginning it’s difficult to go without delicious pasta.

The spiralizer is the perfect gift for the keto cook who loves cooking and would like to make their own food. The 7-blade design will make every low carbers dreams come true. 

Keep in mind that you are covered by Spiralizer’s lifetime no-hassle replacement policy so if for any reason you’re not happy let them know!

» Check out keto dream spaghetti machine here

keto gift spiralizer

#7. Bulletproof Coffee Mug

This is THE gift for your close one with a good sense of humor – and love for a glass of good wine. Managing your macronutrient intake and carbs during keto can be A HASSLE at times.

But making fun of it will set your day right from the start. It’s a perfect morning coffee mug for your bulletproof (high-in-fat) coffee.» Check out bulletproof Coffee mug here

keto gift bulletproof coffee mug

#8. Ninja Professional Blender (ice crusher)

One thing that no keto dieter can live without is a proper blender.

Whether you need to mix your bulletproof coffee, keto pancake mix or EVERY keto dessert available, you need a proper blender!

And not any random blender. It needs to have enough power, blending cups and needs to be able to crush ice without asking.

72 oz. Total Crushing Pitcher pulverizes ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies.

» Check out the number one keto blender available

ninja blender keto gift

#9. The Instant Keto Pot (the ultimate pot)

The best investment ANYONE can do for their health. The main functionalities every ketoer will enjoy are the pressure cooker, steamer, and slow cooker.

Oh god, that’s so convenient when you have a busy lifestyle.

Just throw some yumminess into the pot, set the timer and once you get home the next day your dinner is ready. It’s also an awesome tool for making a dairy-free yogurt.

This Pot replaces 9 common kitchen appliances including Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Egg Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, Warmer, Sterilizer and it makes cake too!

» Check out the instant keto pot here

instant pot keto gift

#10. Portable Espresso Maker (coffee on-the-go)

The idea of keto camping in the wilderness, and then, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, having a fresh espresso sounds pretty great. Making your own fresh, perfect espresso while staying in some lousy hotel where the only coffee on offer is revolting also sounds pretty nice.It works with all varieties of ground coffee. Just add the boiling water to its tank before preparing coffee and then pump manually. Now I am still a fan of this thing, because it does what it promises, and it does it well. » Check out portable espresso maker here

portable coffee maker keto gift

#11. Personal Herb Garden (grow your own)

This is the perfect gift for a true herb fan. It gives the opportunity to grow your own herbs over your kitchen table.

No need for a big garden or lots of time. Green herb garden year-round. Grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers and more in this smart countertop garden.

My favorite part is the LCD control panel that tells you when to add water and reminds you when to add patented nutrients.

Basically takes all the guessing work out of the equation. This gift will not leave anyone cold!

» Check out personal herb garden here

keto gift home garden

#12. Dinosaur Tea Infuser (for a tea fan)

This is the MOST adorable tea infuser EVER! You will have a memorable and fun keto tea time!I love the silicone material because you can handle practically all parts of the infuser straight out of the tea without getting burnt.

I also like to squeeze my leaves to get more flavor, and the bottom of the infuser held the expanded leaves very well and it allows you do that without making a mess.

The two pieces also snap together, unlike traditional tea infusers, because it allows for fewer tea leaves escaping into the tea.

» Check out dinosaur tea infuser here

tea infuser keto gift

#13. Decent Food Scale (a must have)

That’s a true kitchen essential for anyone, no matter if following the keto diet or not. If your gift receiver does not have a decent kitchen scale yet, then you are in luck.

It’s CHEAP, you will use it daily and it will help to conquer your dietary goals a lot faster.

I’ve been using this for years and I use it every day! You can use much fewer dishes with an accurate scale, and save time as well as getting more accurate measurements.

The best part is the “tare” option, which allows to subtract the previous information without removing the whole bowl as you add different ingredients. 

» Check out a digital kitchen scale here

digital food scale keto gift

#14. Real Kitchen Knives (premium quality Shun)

One thing that EVERY kitchen needs are quality knives. Most people use old and blunt knives and don’t even know to wish anything better.

Once you use any Shun knife, you’ll never go back. Shun is most definitely a knife of no return no matter which class you buy.

They’re like the least expensive Rolls Royce or the top of the line. It’s still a Rolls. It’s still a Shun.

These blades have a mirror-polished Japanese 420J blade upper and a 16-degree cutting edge on either side and it shears everything like it’s butter. 

» Check out real Shun knives here

shun knife set keto gift

Awesome Gadgets

By now, we have covered the keto must-haves and kitchen essentials.

But what to do, if your special someone doesn’t enjoy cooking and already has everything?

Don’t worry, here are some excellent gadgets that fit perfectly into any low-carbers life.

#15. Amazon Echo Dot (smart speaker)

The HOTTEST product of this year and the safest gift in this list. A perfect companion if you are cooking keto deliciousness or need someone to write down your grocerylist.

I had no idea I’d love Alexa (smart speaker) so much. I wake up in the morning and she does the routine I’ve set up, and she’s so comforting and useful and fun overall. 

This tiny speaker can play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more.

» Check out Amazon Echo Dot here

keto gift amazon echo dot

#16. Fitbit Alta (fitness tracker)

Do you track your activities and sleep? You should!

Fitbit is the easiest way to track your activity levels and your SLEEP!

Fitbit can track your heart rate, sleep, how many calories you have burned and use zones (fat burn, cardio, and peak) to find the right workout intensity for your goals.

I love that the screen comes on when you flip your wrist – convenient for the clock without it being visible all the time.

It lets you customize almost everything and is easy to use.

» Check out Fitbit Alta fitness tracker here

keto gift fitbit alta

#17. Smart Digital Bathroom Scale (with Bluetooth)

RENPHO bathroom scale provides 13 essential measurements from body weight and BMI to body fat percentages. Oh, and the data will sync automatically.What really surprised me about this scale was how easy it was to set up. I’m used to having to go through various Bluetooth pairing processes, but once I put the batteries in and created a profile In the RENPHO app, it found the scale automatically.

And I still can’t believe this scale is so cheap!

As the app can write data to Apple Health, all my measurements are updated across my phone​.» Check out Renpho digital bathroom scale here

smart scale keto gift

#18. Matcha Tea Gift Set (extremely healthy tea)

Matcha tea has crazy good benefits for your body. One serving of Matcha has the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea.

It has 137 times more antioxidants, it prevents diseases, calms the body, boosts metabolism and is rich in fiber (which anyone following the keto diet is lacking).

This matcha ceremony gift set consists of 7 pieces: 50g of Premium Japanese Matcha Tea Powder, Chasen Whisk, Whisk Holder, Scoop, Sifter, Bowl and Tray. 

This set is very beautiful and all of the items are sturdy and well made. The whisk and tray have been stood up well against water.

» Check out a matcha tea gift set here

keto gift matcha gift set

#19. Oil Diffuser (humidifier)

This is one of my favorite gifts all time. I got it as a birthday gift and I LOVE it. It’s an aroma essential oil diffuser and mist humidifier.

This oil diffuser is SOOOO soothing at night. It is quiet and is able to project a nice scent throughout the room as it runs.

If the water runs out it automatically shuts off, so there is never any safety concerns. At the press of one button, the lights go on and change color, 7 different colors.

This humidifier really gets the steam going for its size. It also looks beautiful and works well as a decorative piece.

» Check out aroma oil diffuser here

humidifier keto gift

#20. Reusable Ice Cubes (for any cod drink)

Okay, this is truly an awesome gift idea. First meant for whiskey, but works with any kind of drink.

A stainless steel cubes that will cool down your delicious drinks while maintaining the taste. This is the gift if you are looking for something truly unique.

They keep your drink at arctic temperatures whilst retaining the integrity to the very last sip.

They are also aesthetically elegant and look classy as a velvet painting of plate full of bacon!

» Check out reusable ice cubes here

whiskey stones keto gift

Keto Gift Basket

Gift baskets are one of the easiest and thoughtful gift ideas out there.

But fortunately, you need to be extremely careful when choosing these treats, as they need to be keto-friendly!

But don’t worry, we did the heavy lifting for you. You can choose a premade keto gift basket below or make your own from this list.

If you STILL need more low-carb gift ideas then check out our ultimate keto snack guide here.

#21. Keto Snacks Gift Box (low-carb care package)

This is truly an awesome gift set.

Bunny James keto box assortment includes 20 ultra low-carb, low sugar, high protein healthy fats, nutrient-rich keto foods and snacks.

I loved all the snacks in this box! It’s so important to have keto-friendly snacks at hand, because cravings will come sooner or later.

Oh, and these snack boxes come in 2 sizes and it also includes sweet options for all the sweet tooths out there.

» Check out Bunny James keto snack gift box here

keto gift box bunny james

#22. Fat Snax Chocolate Chip Cookies

The most AMAZING keto friendly cookies out there. A classic chocolate chip cookie made specifically for low carbers and cookie lovers.

Who said that you cannot burn fat and enjoy cookies? While many keto snacks only look good, this actually tastes goodtoo.

Fat Snax Cookies are sugar-free and contain 8-9 grams of healthy oils including MCT oil. They come in three flavors: peanut butter, chocolate chip, and ginger turmeric.

» Check out keto friendly chocolate cookies here

Serving size: 1 cookie (20g)Calories: 90 Fat: 8g Protein: 2g Net carbs: 2g

keto gift keto cookies

#23. Choc Zero Dark chocolate

We have good news for all the chocoholics out there. YES, you can enjoy chocolate during the keto diet.

Just make sure you are consuming high-quality dark chocolate with no added sugar.

Dark chocolate is good for you, but it’s even better when it isn’t packed with sugar or sugar alcohols. Choc Zero tastes like heaven thanks to natural sweetener called monk fruit.

Of course, it’s all natural, non-GMO, soy and gluten free and it contains ONLY 2 grams of net carbs. That’s crazy. It’s mandatory for any ketoer, who has a sweet tooth.

» Check out keto chocolate here

Serving size: 1 ounce (28.4g)Calories: 120 Fat: 10g Protein: 1g Net carbs: 2g

keto snack choc zero

#24. Keto Protein Bar

This has been my secret weapon for a couple of months now, and now I am sharing it with you!

Perfect Keto Bar is the KING of keto bars – it has only 3g of net carbs and whopping 10g of collagen protein.

One bar has 19g of high-quality fats to keep you in ketosis. It’s made from almonds and cacao butter, coconut oil, collagen and touch of sea salt & stevia.

Snack bars are often marketed as “keto” while packed with added sugar and chemicals – this is NOT the case. Perfect Keto brand is solely focused on providing quality keto friendly products that don’t knock you out of ketosis.

» Check out Perfect Keto Bars here

Serving size: 1 bar (45g)Calories: 230 Fat: 19g Protein: 10g Net carbs 3g

keto bars keto snacks

#25. Moon Cheese (snack from another planet)

A keto staple food for anyone low carbing. It’s fast and delicious bite while you are on the run.

It’s high fat, no carb – ideal keto diet snack, and the good thing about is that you can get it virtually from anywhere.

Why Moon Cheese? The manufacturer explains: We crunchify 100% natural cheese into the tastiest snack possible – at least on this planet.”

It’s similar to cheese balls/buffs, just crunchier and without all the carbs. Moon Cheese is all natural, gluten free and excellent source of calcium.

» Check out delicious Moon cheese here

Serving size: 6-7 pieces (12g)Calories: 70 Fat: 5g Protein: 4g Net carbs: 0g

keto gift moon cheese

#26. Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Keto friendly beef jerky is another keto staple. This is a perfect source of protein and is also low in carbohydrates.

I prefer Naked Cow All Natural Grass Fed Beef Jerky, because it’s made of all natural grass-fed beef, packs whopping 24g of protein and does not contain any artificial sweeteners.

Check also out our full keto beef jerky guide here.

Oh, and it has 2-5 times more in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 and beta-carotene. Perfect keto companion fits well in the pocket and lasts for a long time.

» Check out grass-fed keto beef jerky here

Serving size: 2.25 oz (63g)Calories: 130 Fat: 3g Protein: 24g Net carbs: 0g

keto gift basket beef jerky

#27. Coconut Chip Snack (movie snack)

Coconuts aren’t your thing? Well think again, coconut chips are something totally different.

During keto coconut oil is the ingredient for success, coconut chips are the chips for your movie night.

Dang Toasted coconut chips are unsweetened, gluten free and made from fresh Thai coconuts.

It’s made from the copra (coconut meat), sliced out and toasted with salt. It’s also packed with protein and fiber.

Protip: They go great with tuna as well.

» Check out delicious coconut chips here

Serving size: 1 oz (28g)Calories: 180 Fat: 15g Protein: 2g Net carbs: 5g

keto gift basket coconut chips

#28. Epic meat bar

Finding a salty meat bar that’s low in carbs and can actually keep you full can be tough. But you know what is epic?

Epic meat bar. It’s 100% grass fed and a good protein source.

In a compact package, a good travel companion that fits perfectly into your camping bag or travel jacket.

It seems that Epic managed to succeed in balancing the taste and chewiness of this bar.

Chicken sriracha is nice and spicy and bison has an interesting taste mixed with cranberry.

» Check out truly epic meat bar here

Serving size: 1 bar (43g)Calories: 80 Fat: 3g Protein: 12g Net carbs: 2g

keto gift basket epic meat bar


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