In-Depth Pruvit Keto OS NAT Review 2023 [Pricey But Worth it?]

Plateaus on Keto are a real thing.

There are multiple tools you can use to overcome plateaus, and exogenous ketones are among the better ones.

But damn, some of these are expensive and there still maybe some confusion if it delivers…

Over the course of the last years, I’ve tried several exogenous ketone supplements and here are my thoughts.

Below, I will give you my

pruvit keto os nat


  • World’s first ketone salt supplement made through a naturally fermented process. The process is patented by Pruvit and it’s known as Nutritionally Advanced Technology™ (NAT).
  • Contains a Rapid Repair C-Med 100® Blend which helps promote rapid repair and recovery of the body
  • Better Bioavailability as a result from its proprietary N8 Max NAT™ Blend™ with patent -pending KetoNAT™ BHB salts.
  • Flavors are available either in a caffeinated form or completely caffeine-free.
  • Quite expensive but as “high-tech” as an exogenous ketone supplement can get.
  • Comes in 9 different flavors: Maui Punch, Lime Time, Heart Tart, Swiss Cacao, Splash, Raspberry Lemonade, Mint Chip Cream, Life’s A Peach, Trü Passion (check the price by clicking on image below).

Pruvit Keto OS NAT Review

Pruvit is a US-based, Keto-focused company and it was started back in 2012. Their products are a line of exogenous ketone drinks directed at weight loss and burning fat. These supplements are supposed to boost your energy, curb your appetite, increase your strength, and help you lose weight.

Keto OS was Pruvit’s first-ever supplement, and after not getting the feedback they’d expect, they went on to improve their formula and release new products.

Keto OS MAX came next after, and Keto OS NAT is their most recent and best formula yet.

Pruvit claims their exogenous ketones are made to supply the body with enough ketones so that it temporarily switches to a state of ketosis – making it easier for the body to burn fats as fuel while you get all the other benefits mentioned above.

Although, while it will for sure help aid your weight-loss journey, it’s not a magic pill by any means.

If you are willing to stick to at least some degree of a diet, then yes, a product like Keto OS NAT can definitely have convincing results. If you, however, plan to take it just by itself without dieting at all, I believe it’s not worth it and it probably won’t yield any significant results in the long term.

What is it made of?

Main ingredients:N8 Max NAT™ Blend 12.6 g (KetoNAT™ R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate, L-Taurine, Fermented L-Leucine, C-Med 100).

Other ingredients: Erythritol, Stevia extract, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Vegetable Juice Color, Xanthan Gum, Beta Carotene, and Caffeine (optional)

There are 2 versions to choose of each flavor – Charged (with Caffeine) and Caffeine free. The caffeine content of the Charged version is equivalent to a ~473ml (16oz) cup of coffee.

Serving size: 1 packet Calories: 45 Net Carbs: 1g Vitamin B6: 5mg (294%) Vitamin B12: 100mcg (4167%)Calcium: 270mg Sodium: 910mg

All of the OS NAT flavors have Dairy-free, Gluten-free ingredients and they are also Vegan-friendly.

Erythritol and Stevia extract are the sweeteners of choice – they are natural, plant-derived sweeteners and they are both Keto-friendly.

Each serving also contains a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B6, B12, Calcium, Sodium, and Beta Carotene.

The Malic acid, Citric acid, and Xanthan gum additives are natural and Keto-friendly – they are used to enhance the taste and texture of the supplement.

Overall – it’s a very solid formula and it’s hard to find any faults with it.


Ingredients and benefits

Better bioavailability – Keto OS NAT is the first, and currently the only ketone supplement that’s naturally fermented. According to Pruvit, the fermented, patent-pending BHB salts used are water soluble and therefore absorb more quickly into your system, inducing ketosis in a shorter amount of time.

C-Med 100® – The product also features a special repair blend called C-Med 100 – it is basically an extract of the Cat’s Claw tropical vine (Uncaria Tomentosa). Research published in the ScienceDirect journal has found that C-Med 100 may help repair cellular DNA. [​​​​1] While it’s not something specifically connected to the supplement nature or Keto itself, I guess it doesn’t hurt either.

Probiotic effects – The fermented ketones from Keto OS NAT actually retain their probiotic properties. This is a great benefit because it helps to improve the microbiome of the digestive tract and our ability to absorb nutrients, which is essential on Keto.Caffeine option – This is another great feature that sets Pruvit apart from others. While most other brands either do or do not contain caffeine, with Pruvit, you have the option to choose. Which is great, since a lot of people are caffeine sensitive or they don’t like consuming it in evening hours.

Flavors and taste

Raspberry LemonadeThis is probably my favorite of all main 9 flavors. It’s very fruity and refreshing, and most importantly it’s not as sweet as the others, which I liked a lot.

Maui Punch – Maui Punch is my second favorite. It has a very rich and fruity taste, it tastes just like a Hawaiian punch. It’s a bit on the sweeter side, but even so, I have to say it’s absolutely delicious.

Splash – Splash is very light and refreshing, it has a sort of grapefruit taste to it. If you have a fondness for tropical fruits, you are going to like it.

Heart Tart – This one was pretty good as well – kind of reminded me of strawberry jello. Other people seem to love it, but it was a little too sweet for my taste.

Lime Time – This is my least favorite of all. It was similar to a Lemon Lime Gatorade, but it had a bad kind of aftertaste that I really disliked.

There are other flavors which I haven’t tested yet. And they also seem to pump out new flavors for different occasions, so once you are reading this, you probably have a lot more to choose from.

Purchase options

Pruvit website – If you buy Keto OS NAT from the official Pruvit website, you can only order a minimum of 20 servings per time, and from 1 flavor. That’s a major drawback since you have to spend a lot of money at once, and on top of it, you may not really like the flavor you ordered.

Amazon – Amazon is, in my opinion, a much better option when it comes to buying Keto OS NAT. Every flavor is available from multiple sellers, and you can find them in various packets like 3, 5, or 10 at a time. You can even find a mix of multiple flavors combined, which you can’t do on Pruvit’s website. The minimum I’ve found was 3 servings per order. Check the price here.

What’s bad about it?

While Keto OS NAT is without a doubt an awesome product, a lot of people – including myself, feel like the price is way too high.

For the cost of 1 serving of Pruvit Keto OS NAT, you can purchase at least 2-3 servings of other competitive brands in the industry.

And although many people don’t mind spending way more money when it comes to quality, what you need to ask yourself is, is the product’s quality 2-3 times BETTER than the other brands?

Later on, I will compare Pruvit with another leading exogenous ketone supplement and share my opinion on it.

For me, the biggest negative aspect about this company is that it is a multi level marketing company, also called “pyramid selling”.

Now, in general this is a bad sign, as everyone will just try to sell it to you just to make a quick buck. But the good thing is that this product is actually high-quality (although expensive).

Side effects

  • The makers of Keto OS NAT, Pruvit, link its potential minor side-effects to the same side-effects of the Ketogenic diet.
  • They say that it might cause a slightly diuretic effect, and can, therefore, deplete electrolyte stores such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium. 
  • While this can be remedied by increasing your electrolytes intake, the supplement has additional sodium in the formula to counter this.
  • If you, however, experience symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, or cramping, Pruvit suggests that you decrease the serving size, drink it slower (over 20-30 minutes), and consume it with food. 
  • For constipation specifically, they also suggest that you take a magnesium/multi-mineral supplement.

Does it help to lose weight?

As I briefly mentioned earlier, taking Keto OS NAT without making any change to the way you eat will most likely set you up for disappointment.

Yes, being in a state of ketosis is proven to provide all kinds of awesome benefits, including weight loss. 

However, the truth is – if your diet is way off, you won’t lose a substantial amount of weight even if you take all the fat-loss supplements in the world.

Pruvit themselves state that although most people will certainly see results if they stick to taking Keto OS NAT, they recommend switching to a Ketogenic diet to maximise your results from it.

Even if you don’t want to go “full hardcore” Keto, practicing at least some form of it while taking an exogenous ketone supplement like this one will take you a long way.

Exogenous ketones by their own, DO NOT burn your fat off. You still need to manage your diet. Exogenous ketones can support the process of entering and staying in ketosis. 

How to use it

Using the product is very simple. If you’ve ever used a pre-workout supplement before, it’s basically the same thing.

Just rip open the pack of Keto OS NAT powder, dissolve it in about 350-500 ml (12 to 16 oz) of water, and mix thoroughly – for me, it’s most convenient by shaking it in a shaker-bottle, but you can also do it in a blender or by simply stirring with a spoon.

Now, how often should you take Pruvit OS NAT?

  • Two times per day – in the morning and in the evening – is recommended and ideal to reach optimum results. 
  • However, if you can’t afford to use it twice, one serving per day should be enough for a therapeutic dose.
  • If you use the caffeinated version in the evening, one tip from us is to use it at least 5 hours before going to bed since the caffeine can negatively impact the quality of your sleep.

My experience

My 10-day experience with Keto OS NAT was actually pretty positive.

I measured my blood ketones before and after taking it just to make sure that it works. And as expected, it managed to raise my blood ketone levels almost instantly. 

I used it twice a day, morning and evening. In the morning, I used it right before my workouts. I definitely felt way more energized and focused for a few hours after taking it.

Since I was already in shape before starting and wasn’t trying to lose weight, I can’t tell you much about its weight-loss effects. However, I did notice to a big extent that my appetite was lower throughout the day.

What others are saying?

While there are a lot of fake reviews out there – especially since Pruvit is a Multi-Level Marketing company – I decided to scour the internet and search for some authentic, positive reviews.

And again, you can see that all of them did at least some form of Keto while using the product.

How does it compare to Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto is and has been the leader in this market for some time now – and for a reason. Read the review here.

So, what are their differences?

First things first, BHB content – Perfect Keto has a solid 11.38g amount of good-quality BHB per serving. Keto OS NAT, however, doesn’t fully disclose their BHB amount (12.6g BLEND, including BHB), but I estimate it’s around 9-10 grams per serving.

Other ingredients – Perfect Keto has a little bit more “clean” ingredients list. Here it is: BHB, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavor, Stevia Leaf Extract, Monk Fruit Extract. That’s it, very minimal and efficient.

Calories – Perfect Keto has about 15-20 calories per serving, while Pruvit stands at 45 calories.

Flavors and taste – Even though Pruvit tastes pretty good, personally, no other exogenous ketone supplement tastes as good as Perfect Keto. They also have 5 different flavors to choose from.

Price-wise – While 1 serving of Keto OS NAT is about 6.5$, 1 serving of Perfect Keto costs 3.79$. Almost half of it.

Should you buy it?

While Pruvit’s Keto OS NAT is a top-quality product and I for sure had a positive experience with it, all in all – I would genuinely suggest against it.

Considering that ​Perfect Ketois currently a leading brand in the industry, has a formula pretty much of the same quality as Pruvit, better taste, and half of the cost – I have a really hard time recommending Pruvit over Perfect Keto.

Over time, Pruvit for sure came a long way in terms of improving the quality of their product, but unless they do something about the cost of it, I don’t see myself ordering it again.

Until then, or until some other brand emerges as a better option, Perfect Keto remains as my personal front-runner.


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