In-Depth Ketonix Review in 2023 [THE Original Ketone Breath Analyzer]

ketonix review

After doing Keto for over a year, while my life improved in basically every aspect, there was one thing that has always bothered me.

I couldn’t be sure if I was in ketosis or not at any given point in time.

And even though I’ve spent tons of time researching everything that concerns Keto – foods, fasting, supplements, exercise, equipment…

that uncertainty always made me question myself if I’m on the right track.


I just recently decided to order a ketone breathalyzer – more specifically the godfather of breathalyzers, the Ketonix.

In this review I will show you what the Ketonix really is and how to use it.

Lets “breathe” in.

Ketonix Highlights

  • Displays your current ketone production by analyzing your breath
  • Self-calibrating – the Ketonix analyzer calibrates itself automatically so there is no need for manual calibration
  • Reusable for an infinite amount of times (unlike blood meters) – buy it once and use it for free forever
  • Ability to record your ketone readings either on your smartphone/pc or on your online account on the Ketonix website
  • Two mouthpieces come with the package. Additionally, the software allows multiple users to record their readings separately by using a personal mouthpiece
  • You can either use it wirelessly on your smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth, or connect it to a pc/tablet via a provided USB cable

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When I got the Ketonix and measured my ketones for the first time, the device displayed a yellow color (moderate-high amount of ketones production).Knowing for sure that I’ve been doing things right thrilled me, but it also motivated me. I was like “I better get it to flash red in a week and keep it that way!”.

Red light means a very high amount of ketones, by the way. This resulted in me being way more strict about my Keto diet – I suddenly had a new goal in mind.

ketonix breath analyzer

  • If you can see yourself being motivated by this, then yes, getting a ketone measuring device can surely benefit you. If not – you will do just fine without it, continue giving your best and don’t stress about it. Now, if you decided to get one, great! But before buying, you need to consider a couple of things.
  • Price-wise, as it is with all things of value, going for cheap breathalyzers you sacrifice a lot in terms of quality/accuracy/features and, with them, it’s honestly not worth to bother. App integration is a pretty cool feature to have, allowing you to keep a log of your ketone readings but also show you trends over time.

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  • Lastly, Bluetooth is another handy feature that not every breathalyzer has. It allows you to use your device wirelessly anywhere and anytime you like. There is not much to choose from in the Keto breathalyzer market, but we will compare the Ketonix with a couple more options later on so you can get a clearer picture.

Ketonix Detailed Review

The Ketonix is the oldest breath analyzer on the market. It’s made and sold by Ketonix AB, a Swedish health care company founded in 2013.

The company claims that while their Ketonix breathalyzers are extremely portable and robust, they are also very simple to use and they are an excellent way to monitor and record your levels of ketosis.

What’s in the package?

Depending on which model you choose the package will somewhat vary.

The Ketonix comes with multiple other things in the package: 

  • the Ketonix device itself,
  • a Bluetooth attachment,
  • USB cable for pc/laptop connection,
  • battery,
  • another USB cable for recharging the battery,
  • 2 mouthpieces,
  • and a carrying case.

How to use it?

To use the Ketonix, you simply blow into the device for a few seconds, after which a LED light on it will change its color based on the current level of Acetone in your breath.

Green light = small trace of ketones, Yellow = moderate trace of ketones, and Red = high trace of ketones.

While this one is the latest and most advanced version, there are 3 older Ketonix breathalyzers with slightly different features.

Different models

There are 2 Red and 2 Blue options. Red ones connect with a USB cable, while the Blue ones via Bluetooth.

The difference between the devices in the same color is an added Battery – it allows you to use the device on-the-go or while travelling. They are a bit more expensive but I believe it’s worth the price.

Check the prices of Ketonix models here

  • Now, if you are looking to use the Ketonix on a computer, the USB model (Red) would be the best for you.
  • If you, however, want to use it on your smartphone or a surf pad/tablet, then go for one of the Bluetooth models (Blue).

Below is a complete buyers guide including a handy chart that can help you choose the most appropriate model for you depending on your needs.

Features and Benefits

This last version of the Ketonix (Bluetooth with battery) has a couple of additional features that I believe make a big difference in the whole experience.

Bluetooth & Battery

First off, it has a Bluetooth feature which allows you to connect the breathalyzer to your smartphone or tablet. It is compatible and works with both platforms – Android and iOS.

  • It comes with a battery, which allows you to use the device wirelessly if you are traveling or you just have a busy schedule and you go out a lot. One downside with the battery is that it takes a long time to charge – I usually leave it connected to my desktop pc overnight and it’s fully charged in the morning.
  • Another thing that’s not very ideal is the time it takes for the device to warm up. It has to fully warm up before use (note that every other breathalyzer is the same), and while often times it does so in 3-4 minutes, it rarely takes it almost 10 minutes time. An occasional annoyance, but not a really big deal.

Even so, I personally like it a lot because I rarely use my desktop computer, and most of the time I’m on the go – whether it’s out with friends/colleagues or at work. My smartphone and Ketonix (together with the battery) are always with me, so I can easily test whenever I feel like it.

If you, however, prefer to use the software on your PC, a USB cable is provided which you can use to easily pair the Ketonix to a desktop or a laptop.

Ketonix App

Before you measure your ketones, you have an option of where to save your data – either on your device locally, or online on your Ketonix user profile.

It is also available for multiple users to use the Ketonix and record their own personal data on a separate profile. In the app, you can create an additional profile for each other person that uses the device.

Other than just logging your data and reading it separately, there are also cool options to view trends and averages of your readings over a longer period of time.

Rarely, the app can get glitchy and doesn’t load properly for some reason. If that happens, re-connecting the Ketonix and re-opening the App usually fixes it right away.


Finally, unlike other brands of breathalyzers and also previous versions of the Ketonix, this latest one features self-calibration.

Meaning, you don’t have to manually calibrate it through the software as it is the case with many other breathalyzers – it’s all automatic.

How does it compare?

While the Ketonix is a great option, there are a few other alternatives that might suit you better. Here are the differences of 2 other brands of breathalyzers and 1 blood ketone meter, just so you can see how they differ from each other.

Keyto breathalyzer

Keyto is a relatively new breathalyzer, and price-wise, it’s among the cheapest professional-grade breathalyzer on the market right now.

It features Bluetooth and a smartphone App which you can use to read and track your ketosis progress.

The app also gives you personalized tips and meal plans according to your readings which is actually pretty cool.

The company claims it’s as accurate as other top-shelf breathalyzers. Although, the device is actually not yet approved by the FDA so we can’t really tell how accurate it really is.

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Keto Mojo Blood meter

Blood meters are considered to be more accurate than breathalyzers, but that comes with a price.

Keto Mojo is among the best-quality blood meters while also being relatively affordable.

It’s FDA-approved, and other than ketones it can also measure glucose which can be pretty useful for Keto.

If you are looking to get the most accurate results, don’t mind spending a dollar and pricking your finger for each additional test, then Keto Mojo is your best bet.

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Should you buy it?

Following a Ketogenic diet takes a lot of dedication and hard work.

Being in “nutritional ketosis” is where we get the most benefits from Keto – weight loss, mental clarity, hunger management, constant energy levels and so on. If your ketone ranges fall too short, or if they are way too high, you won’t be able to use the full potential of Keto and you might even have some health issues.

So, if we put so much time and effort into it, it makes sense that we should try to get the most of it. And ketone meters provide just that.

Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on testing, ketone breathalyzers like the Ketonix of this review are a very affordable and convenient option.

If you decided to go for the Ketonix, check the prices and shipping options here.


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