In-Depth “KetoForce Review” in 2023

ketosports ketoforce review

Ketosis is no doubt one of our bodies most powerful superpower.

It helps to burn fat and gives us magical cognitive abilities.

You are probably here for the same reasons.

KetoForce is one of the most popular exogenous ketones supplement in the keto community.

Even the 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferriss is using it to benefit from the enhanced cognitive abilities it provides.

But if you haven’t used it before you may be wondering: what is it made of and how does it work?

ketosports ketoforce review

Well, worry not!

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about KetoForce and how to use it.

But before we dive deep into the product, if you are in a hurry, then check out this summary below:






What we liked

  • Approved by Tim Ferriss
  • Effectively induces ketosis
  • check-circle-oMental performance
  • No artificial colors or flavorings
  • check-circle-oGreat pre-workout supplement

What we didn’t like

  • Can only be taken with acidic drinks
  • High in sodium
  • Taste needs some work

SummaryKetoForce is one of the strongest players on the ketone supplement market. In simple terms: it tastes bad but it gets results you need and that’s what counts. It’s widely popular among keto community and among body hackers like 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferriss.

ketosports ketoforce review

What is KetoForce?

KetoForce is created by the company KetoSports. It is they original exogenous ketone supplement that contains beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).

It’s fairly new product in the KetoForce lineup (came to the market in 2015) and it’s already very popular among the ketogenic community.

It’s unsweetened and in liquid form.

Manufacturer claims, that ingestion of KetoForce will raise your blood ketone levels for 2.5-3.0 hours after consumption.

Thus, pushing you deeper into ketosis and helps your body to burn more fat.

When taken within 30 minutes before exercise, KetoForce has been shown to decrease the amount of oxygen consumed at a given power output.

What are the Benefits?

Many people have witnessed, that their first ketogenic success story was thanks to exogenous ketones like KetoForce.

The main benefits are:

  • Enhanced athletic abilities
  • Supports you during cheat days
  • Reduces keto-flu symptoms
  • Helps to burn fat
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Appetite control
  • Improves mental performance
  • Longer lasting energy source

KetoForce and KetoCana are also used bio a world-famous bodyhacker Tim Ferriss. Check out the video below – Tim reveals how he uses these supplements to give a boost to his life.

What is it Made Of?

In a nutshell, KetoSports KetoForce is an exogenous ketone supplement in a liquid form.

It contains 11.7 grams (per serving) of Beta-HydroxyButyrate (BHB) in sodium, potassium and salt form.

This will increase your blood ketone levels.

The main ingredients of KetoForce are water, citric acid, and sodium hydroxide and it does not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

KeroForce is perfect for individuals who need fast energy and need to limit their carbohydrate intake.

  • It’s also ideal for people who consume carbs to provide an additional energy boost and limit exercise-induced glycogen depletion.
  • KetoForce can also be used to get into ketosis faster and minimize the potential side-effects.
  • It may help to alleviate fatigue and lethargy some may experience while making the transition from carb burning state to ketosis.

KetoForce is manufactured in the USA.

Nutrition facts:

  • Serving size: 30cc
  • Servings per container: 16
  • Calories per serving: 55
  • Total fat: 0g
  • starCholesterol: 0g
  • starSodium: 1.6g
  • starCarbohydrate: 0g
  • starProtein: 0g
  • starBeta-hydroxybutyrate: 11.7g
  • starPotassium: 1.6g

Difference Between KetoForce & KetoCaNa

Both of them are created by the company KetoSports.

Ketocana tastes pretty good and easy to consume.

Comes in powder form and supports your cognitive enhancement and weight loss goals.

Ketoforce doesn’t taste much. Is pretty acidic and comes in liquid form. Is not as convenient packaging as Ketocana is. 

And the unflavored taste is pretty intolerable.

KetoForce and KetoCaNa both contain the same primary ingredient BHB.

This is known to be the most efficient source of ketones.

ketosports ketocana review

  • Both supplements contain sodium. However, FetoForce contains potassium for the liquid form and KetoCaNa contains calcium for the powder form. Also check out our KetoCaNa review.
  • KetoForce has been shown to decrease the amount of oxygen consumed at a given power output. KetoCaNa has a similar effect on your body.

So which of them is the best? Well, it depends.

In the core, both of them are basically the same product with the same benefits.

What it comes down to is do you prefer powder or liquid form.

Do you travel much? Do your supplements need to taste like candy? 

KetoForce is somewhat more practical. Although the unflavored taste is bad, it can be mixed with various drinks.

How to Use it?

The manufacturer suggests consuming KetoForce during the initial stages of the ketogenic diet – three times a day for first 2-3 days.

This will accelerate ketosis and ease the metabolic transition and helps in minimizing the keto-flu.

You should take KetoForce once a day, once your body is in ketosis – to maintain ketosis.

It’s also perfect to be consumed prior to high-intensity aerobic exercise to enhance performance, especially for those on a ketogenic diet.

ketoforce review

KetoForce has an alkaline pH of 10-11, which means it’s best mixed with an acidic beverage like diet lemonade, grapefruit juice, lemon juice or similar, prior to ingestion.

For best results, mix with acidic beverage 4 to 8 ounces.

One bottle contains approximately sixteen 30cc servings and can be used up to three times per day.

PS! Don’t exceed 3 servings per 24 hour period.

How Does it Taste?

KetoForce is an unflavored product.

To describe the best this non-existent taste, it’s like a block of salt in a shot glass.

If you mix it with acidic drinks then it’s bearable. Basically if you will be using it in drinks and cooking then it’s perfect. It doesn’t have specific tase and mixes well.

If you are after the taste experience – which you should’nt, as exogenous ketones shouldnt taste good – then I suggest checking out Perfect Keto Powder.

What About Side Effects?

If you are not acclimated to ketone or MCT supplementation before, you may experience GI upset with the first use of these products.

These symptoms usually subside rather quickly and are completely absent within two to three doses.

That is why it’s important, if you are a beginner, to start taking exogenous ketones at a slower pace.

Because KetoForce has high sodium content, it’s recommended that you limit additional salt intake.

What Are Users Saying?

PS! Reviews are based on manufacturers website.

The best-described experiences are that this stuff works – this is probably the biggest compliment for the manufacturer. Users described noticeable results in weight loss, improved mental performance and ketone levels.

The main downsides of this product seem to taste department. Although it’s unflavored and shouldn’t taste good by its own.

We think that overall many exogenous ketones have a bad rep thanks to the taste, which is definitely the main goal of these products. The goal is to get you into ketosis as fast as possible and provide you the desired results.

The KetoSports KetoForce got extremely popular after 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferriss mentioned them in his podcast, where he interviewed Dom D’Agostino, Ph.D. about ketogenic diet supplements.

We feel comfortable to suggest you try it out (or KetoCaNa if you prefer powdered version) and see what results you can get.

Yes, this product works. It does exactly what is says it does. The best I can compare it to is like a sugar rush/high, without the actual sugar and no crash afterwards. It tastes pretty salty and kind of bitter so the best way to take it is in the cap fulls as it goes down quicker. I am a repeat customer. Just wish the price was more affordable so I could buy more bottles!

W, review from Onnit

I got introduced to the Keto bandwagon by Keto//OS by Pruvit. No doubt a great product but I have to say Ketoforce is better. The energy and appetite suppression is about double of what I had on Keto//OS. I switched due to the horrendous flavor I endured for 4 months and it has been a great switch and experience so far. Not to mention it’s also cheaper. Good Stuff!

Reid, review from Onnit

Final Thoughts

KetoForce is definitely one of the popular products when it comes to exogenous ketones.

It’s widely popular among keto community and among body hackers like 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferriss.

We liked that it contains no artificial colors or flavorings. It comes in liquid form and is fast and convenient to use.

The weakest link is probably the taste department – but hey, it is an unflavored product that you will mix up with your favorite beverage, so it’s hard to complain.

The KetoSports KetoForce may taste bad, but it does get you results – burn fat, avoid keto-flu and get into ketosis fast.

Aand that is what matters to us.

If you want results then use this.


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