In-Depth Keto Mojo Review 2024 [Hint: Accurate and Affordable]

keto mojo review

The truth is, everybody responds differently to a Ketogenic diet.

Everybody needs different amounts of fats, protein, and carbs, to really elicit the right response.

Without the right tools, you can’t be sure that you are actually in ketosis.

You might be guessing, and you might be right – but if you are not, you are missing on the full-blown benefits of it.

keto mojo blood ketone meter

The only way to make sure is to regularly measure your ketone levels. Blood meters are the most accurate way of testing, and among them, the Keto Mojo blood meter is currently the most popular one.

Keto Mojo Highlights

  • Other than ketones, it can measure glucose, hematocrit, and hemoglobin 
  • Detects even very low amounts of ketones (0.1 mmol and up – most other meters start from 0.5 mmol)
  • Optional Bluetooth attachment – allows your meter to sync with the Keto Mojo App
  • Features a smartphone App which allows you to log and track your ketone readings over time
  • Very accurate – FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and ISO 15197 approved for accuracy
  • 24/7 Customer Service – including direct calls, Facebook, Instagram, and also messages/emails on their official website
  • Great value for money – one of the most affordable ketone blood meters on the market
  • 4 Daily Alarms and lifetime warranty

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How to Choose aBlood Ketone Meter

Statistics on keto diet show that people who follow a low-carb diet while being on less than 20 net grams of carbs for the whole day – the vast majority of them, about 95% of people, will be in ketosis.

But the thing is, that standard limit of 20 grams can vary greatly from person to person depending on multiple factors like genetics, metabolism, daily activity levels, foods consumed and so on.

keto mojo

So, if you are the type of person who wants to push his limits and get the most benefits of his efforts, you might want to consider getting a blood meter.But hold up. Before you choose one, take these few things into account.

  • Accuracy – If you are going to spend money and time into it, make sure the device you get is FDA-approved for accuracy.
  • Features – All ketone meters vary slightly in terms of features available. Bluetooth, Smartphone App, and the ability to also measure glucose are especially handy to have.
  • Price of strips – If you want to find out which meter is more affordable, compare the price of the test strips, not the meter itself.

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  • Warranty – Products with a long-lasting warranty are often of very good quality and it shows that the company believes in their product.

Keto Mojo Detailed Review

The Keto Mojo is currently the most popular and most affordable ketone testing kit on the market. It strongly resembles a sort of a mini phone – it has a large, modern-looking display screen and it’s very comfortable to hold.

The Keto Mojo team claims that it uses newer technology and it’s much more accurate than most of the other meters out there.

how to measure blood ketone levels

One thing that separates Keto Mojo from other ketone meters is its ability to measure blood glucose as well. It can be strategically used after meals to find out how the food you eat affects your blood glucose levels.

With the standard, basic starter bundle, you get the following items: testing meter, 10x ketone strips, 10x glucose strips, lancet device, 10x sterile lancets, and a travel case.

There are multiple bundles available, which you can check in detail from here.

The Process of Measuring Blood Ketones

  1. Load a needle into the lancet pen according to package directions.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and dry them well.
  3. Remove a test strip from the packaging and insert it into the meter.
  4. Place the lancet pen on the side of your fingertip and push the button.
  5. Squeeze (gently) your finger to get a drop of blood. You will need a large drop to load the strip properly. 
  6. Touch the end of the test strip to the drop of blood until it fills the little opening and the meter registers.
  7. Wait for the meter to give you a reading (just a few seconds).
  8. Record your results.

Features and Benefits

Physical specifications

Navigation – While some other meters have multiple buttons, the Keto Mojo features one single button for navigation through the menu. I personally like it better with multiple buttons, but I guess it’s a matter of preference.Size – The size of the meter itself in cm is 10.1 wide x 15.7 tall x 5.5 thick (4 x 6.2 x 2.2 inches). Or in other words, it’s the size of a mini phone. It has a big, easy to read LCD display screen and it also has an optional backlight feature which makes it easy to use in any lighting conditions.

What’s in the package – While we briefly covered the standard bundle earlier, their Promo bundle has loads of useful stuff and it can also save you some money. It includes: the Keto-Mojo testing meter with batteries pre-installed, Bluetooth connector, 60 ketone strips, 60 glucose strips, travel bag, lancet device, and 10 lancets.As compared to the Starter bundle, this one has additional strips, batteries, and the Bluetooth attachment, and it saves you 10$. You also get a 4-week Keto Mojo Kickstart Guide, and various Keto food market discounts if you live in the US.


Testing parameters – Other than ketones, the Keto Mojo meter can also test for Glucose, Hematocrit, and Hemoglobin. While the latter two are not that important to us, it’s actually pretty good to be able to measure glucose as well – it plays a vital role in the ability to get into and stay in ketosis.Hygienic strip ejector – Another interesting feature that the meter has is a strip ejector button on the side of the meter. Instead of manually taking out the used strip with your fingers, you press the button and the strip “shoots out” of the meter.In my opinion, it’s not really necessary since you can just pick up the strip from the sides, but some people seem to like it.Control solution – Every Keto Mojo meter comes pre-calibrated and it’s very rare for a meter to be out of calibration. Although, if you maybe drop and damage the meter and you suspect it’s giving you inaccurate readings, you can purchase a Control solution from the Keto Mojo shop with which you can easily do a test and re-calibrate the meter if needed.Low ketone level detection – This is another benefit that separates Keto Mojo from the others. While most meters can detect ketone levels starting from 0.5 mmol/L, the Keto Mojo meter can detect ketones as low as 0.1 mmol/L, so you can see as you slowly edge closer to nutritional ketosis.Coding the meter – This is actually a minor drawback of the product. Before you start using the meter, you have to pre-code it. With every new vial, you just need to place the code strip into the top of the meter. It’s very simple, but most people don’t thoroughly read the instructions so they run into issues with it.

Special features

Smartphone App – The Keto Mojo App is free to use and it is supported both on Android and iOS. It allows you to connect your smartphone to the meter, and log and keep a track of your daily readings.You can also upload that data to the Heads Up Health platform and get personalized charts, graphs, and reports to help you track and personalize your diet and lifestyle.Bluetooth attachment – The Keto Mojo meter also features an optional Bluetooth attachment and it’s certainly handy to have. It fits into the meter’s strip port, and then syncs and instantly downloads all readings from your meter to the free Keto-Mojo App.4 Daily Alarms – Since it’s good practice to measure your ketones at the same times of the day, this feature can also come in handy. It allows you to setup up to 4 alarms daily to remind you that you should test your ketone levels.

What Others are Saying?

My experience with Keto Mojo has been a positive one. There’s a whole lot of value for that price. And it seems that other people are seeing the same value. Here are a few reviews that I stumbled upon their Facebook page and website.

How Does it Compare?

While the Keto Mojo is our top pick, we will briefly compare it with 3 other popular blood meters so that you can see what differences they have in terms of functionality, features, and price. 

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1. Precision Xtra

If the Keto Mojo is the newcomer that’s trying to take over the throne, the Precision Xtra is the veteran of blood meters and it has been a gold standard for years. It’s a versatile testing device that can also measure both ketones and glucose. 

As compared to the Keto Mojo meter, this one has a much smaller monitor and it’s a bit harder to read. Although, it operates with 3 buttons which I personally prefer.

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While the meter itself is relatively cheap and provides accurate readings, a big downside is that additional test strips are more expensive to buy and it isn’t supported by an App.

2. Fora 6 Connect

The Fora 6 Connect is both a ketone and a glucose testing device. It has a compact, average-sized monitor and it operates with multiple buttons.

Like the Keto Mojo, the Fora also features a smartphone App and Bluetooth with pretty much the same app benefits.

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It features new, “gold” technology strips, which ForaCare claims are as accurate as the other top quality ketone meters. The device is not clinically validated though, so I’d take that claim with a grain of salt.

Price-wise, the strips are almost as cheap as the Keto Mojo ones.

3. Bruno MD6

Bruno MD6 is another versatile, FDA-approved ketone and glucose measuring device. The meter has an average-sized, well-rounded, clean looking monitor, and it uses one button for navigation through the menu.

It features a smartphone App and Bluetooth which allow you to log and monitor your test readings. 

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A big downside with the Bruno MD6 is that additional strips are almost 3 times more expensive than the Keto Mojo strips.

Should You Buy Keto Mojo?

If you are someone who is serious about Keto, then you know that it takes a lot of dedication and hard work.

We know that we need to be in nutritional ketosis to get the most benefits, and without a testing device, it’s very hard to tell in what level of ketosis you are. You might try to make a guess according to how you feel, but personally, that doesn’t cut it for me.

Knowing your blood ketone levels can be very powerful feedback, and if you can see yourself getting motivated from it, then yes, you should definitely give it a try! You can check out Keto Mojo here.

That being said, blood ketone meters are the most precise way of testing, and in our opinion, the Keto Mojo meter is currently the overall winner from every aspect.


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