23 Best Keto GIFT Ideas That Any Keto Dieter Will Adore

keto gift ideas

Holidays and birthdays are fun, and buying keto gifts are even more fun.

We all have someone in our life who is enjoying the keto life and that's awesome.

If you are shopping for someone who can eat less than 20 grams carbs per day, things can get tricky.

You can bet, that they will love any of these gifts and will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness, as they still need to throw away all the candies and cookies they receive for every other holiday.

What's the perfect present for that awesome keto dieter in your life?

Check them out below.

Must-haves for anyone doing keto

First, let's go over keto basics. These are must-have products that will have a big impact on your keto journey. Now, you can go keto without them, but they will make life so much easier. Here are three mandatory items that every keto dieter will be happy about.

#1. Keto Mojo

It's no secret, that keto diet is awesome. And measuring your state of ketosis can make or break all dietary efforts.

When you are first starting out, then you can get away with simple ketone strips, but if you plan to follow a keto diet on a longer term, then Keto Mojo will be a lifesaver.

A blood ketone monitor device is the most precise way of measuring the amount of ketone bodies in your body.

It's important to understand if you are keto-adapted or if that cheat meal really kicked you out of ketosis or not.

» This ketone monitor is reasonably price and extra test strips are cheap

keto gift keto mojo

#2. MCT oil

This is a true staple ingredient in a ketogenic kitchen. You can add it to salads, make your coffee bulletproof and basically take it with every meal.

It's perfect if you have trouble eating more fat, it's a perfect travel companion which helps your body to stay in ketosis and it's a perfect energy source.

MCT oil is probably the most versatile item in your keto kitchen. Depending on your goals, we suggest using MCT oil powder instead of oil.

It comes in a more convenient form factor and doesn't make your coffee oily. If you want to add MCT oil as a condiment then use the MCT oil.

» This MCT oil powder has the BEST quality price ratio

keto gift perfect keto mct powder

#3. Perfect keto

Perfect keto is a perfect present for anyone who is just starting out with a keto diet, or who has some trouble with cheating during keto.

At its core, Perfect Keto is a man-made ketones supplement, which helps your body to enter ketosis faster.

Making it easier for anyone to enjoy the keto diet and get faster results. It's an awesome gift idea that will boost ketone levels and help to lose weight.

Perfect Keto is the one to go because most of the exogenous ketones don't usually taste very good. But this is the best tasting out there (I prefer the chocolate flavor).

» Check out the perfect gift here

keto gift perfect keto base

Kitchen essentials

For anyone following the keto diet, the kitchen will be one place that you will be the most. This can be stressful if you don't have the right tools that support your goals. Here are some awesome kitchen essential present ideas that will help to ace the ketogenic diet.

#4. The spiralizer

The spiralizer is the holy grail of "keto spaghetti" called Zoodles. They are a fantastic spaghetti alternative.

The spiralizer is the perfect gift for the keto cook who loves cooking and would like to make their own food.

The 7-blade design will make every low carbers dreams come true.

» Check out keto dream spaghetti machine here

keto gift spiralizer

#5. Ninja blender

One thing that no keto dieter can live without is a proper blender. Whether you need to mix your bulletproof coffee, keto pancake mix to EVERY keto dessert available, you need a proper blender.

And not any random blender. It needs to have enough power, blending cups and needs to be able to crush ice without asking.

» Check out the number one keto blender available

#6. The instant keto pot

The best investment ANYONE can do for their health. The main functionalities every ketoer will enjoy are the pressure cooker, steamer, and slow cooker. Oh god, that's so convenient when you have a busy lifestyle.

Just throw some yumminess into the pot, set the timer and once you get home the next day your dinner is ready. It's also an awesome tool for making a dairy-free yogurt.

» Check out the instant keto pot here

keto gift instant pot

#7. Tea infusion travel mug

If you know anyone, who loves tea, then they will appreciate this awesome tea infusion travel mug as well.

It's the perfect tool for enjoying loose tea, matcha or bulletproof coffee when you are on the go. It also works as a water bottle and it looks beautiful.

The good thing about Uendure mug is that the tea strainer attaches to both lids and it has a clear glass bottle, so you can see the strength of your tea.

» Check out tea infusion mug here

keto gift tea infuser travel mug

#8. Personal herb garden

This is the perfect gift for a true food junkie. It gives the opportunity to grow your own herbs over your kitchen table.

No need for a big garden or lots of time. Fresh herbs add so much flavor to your cookings. This present will not leave anyone cold.

» Check out personal herb garden here

keto gift home garden

#9. Decent kitchen scale

That's a true kitchen essential for anyone, no matter if following the keto diet or not. If your gift receiver does not have a decent kitchen scale yet, then you are in luck.

It doesn't cost much, but you will use it daily and it will help to conquer your dietary goals a lot faster.

» Check out a digital kitchen scale here

keto gift kitchen scale

#10. Real knives

One thing that EVERY kitchen needs are quality knives. Most people use old and blunt knives and don't even know to wish anything better.

Once you try quality knives, you will never go back. I have been using Shun chefs knives for a while, and I am amazed. It shears everything like it's butter. This is a truly special present.

» Check out quality chef's knives here

keto gift chef knives

Awesome stuff

By now, we have covered the keto must-haves and kitchen essentials. What to do, if your special someone doesn't enjoy cooking as much and has everything keto related already? Don't worry, here are some even better keto gift ideas you can use.

#11. Reusable ice cubes

Okay, this is truly an awesome gift idea. First meant for whiskey, but works with any kind of drink.

A stainless steel cubes that will cool down your delicious drinks while maintaining the taste. This is the gift if you are looking for something truly unique.

» Check out reusable ice cubes here

keto gift reusable ice cubes

#12. Fitbit Alta

Do you track your body? Well, you should. Fitbit is the easiest way to track your activity levels and your SLEEP!

Your sleep will make or break your health, that's why it's essential you take care of it. Fitbit is the most stylish way to track your health and better your life quality.

» Check out Fitbit here

keto gift fitbit alta

#13. Smart bathroom scale

If you already have a Fitbit, then you want to check out this bad boy. It's called Fitbit Aria and it is a smart scale. It measures weight, body fat percentage, lean mass, and BMI.

It works in tandem with your phone and Fitbit Alta. Smarter scale, better results.

» Check out smart scale here

keto gift bathroom scale

#14. Amazon Echo Dot

The HOTTEST product of this year and the safest gift in this list. A perfect companion if you are cooking keto deliciousness or need someone to write down your grocery list.

Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker with Alexa. And the best part is the whopping affordable price. A safe holiday gift to go with.

» Check out Amazon Echo Dot here

keto gift amazon echo dot

#15. Matcha gift set

Matcha tea has crazy good benefits for your body. One serving of Matcha has the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea.

It has 137 times more antioxidants, it prevents diseases, calms the body, boosts metabolism and is rich in fiber (which anyone following the keto diet is lacking).

» Check out a matcha gift set here

keto gift matcha gift set

#16. Oil diffuser

This is one of my favorite gifts all time. I got it as a birthday gift and I LOVE it. It's an aroma essential oil diffuser and mist humidifier.

The calming led lights will style the mood and is a good night light. It also looks beautiful and works well as a decorative piece.

» Check out aroma oil diffuser here

keto gift oil diffuser

Gift basket ideas

Gift baskets are one of the easiest and thoughtful gift ideas you can do. And fortunately, there are loads of goods that you can put into your keto gift basket. Here are the best snacks and keto food essentials that every ketoer will go crazy about (PS! You can even take them to camping).

Pick some of them or add all of them, either way, you will make someone happy. If you need more ideas for the keto gift basket, then check out our full keto snack guide here.

#17. Keto cookies

Our all-time favorite keto snack: keto friendly chocolate chip cookies (Fat Snax cookies). A truly classic chocolate chip cookie made specifically for low carbers and cookie lovers.

The best part is that it actually tastes like a normal cookie, so there's no compromise done in the taste department.

» Check out keto chocolate cookies here

keto gift keto cookies

#18. Dark chocolate

That's right, you can eat chocolate during keto. But only specific types and in reasonable amounts.

Just make sure you are consuming high-quality dark chocolate with no added sugar. Choc Zero tastes like heaven thanks to natural sweetener called monk fruit.

» Check out keto chocolate here

keto snack choc zero

#19. Ghee butter

Butter is the most versatile item in anyone's ketogenic kitchen. You can add it to any of your keto meals, shakes or coffee. This is why you will need loads of it.

Ghee butter is the perfect companion for the keto diet. It helps you to stay in ketosis, keeps your belly full and cravings at bay. Ghee butter is the most basic ingredient in anyone's keto menu.

» Check out grass-fed ghee butter here

keto gift ghee butter

#20. Moon cheese

This is a true snack from another planet. A keto staple food. Tastes like heaven doesn't need any refrigeration and will satisfy all your crunchy cravings.

It's similar to cheese balls/buffs, just crunchier and without all the carbs. Moon Cheese is all natural, gluten free and excellent source of calcium.

» Check out delicious Moon cheese here

keto gift moon cheese

#21. Beef jerky

Another delicious keto staple. When choosing a keto friendly beef jerky, keep in mind that many brands will add sugar even to beef jerky, so keep your eyes open.

Our favorite is Naked Cow All Natural Grass Fed Beef Jerky, because it's made of all natural grass-fed beef, packs whopping 24g of protein and does not contain any artificial sweeteners.

» Check out grass-fed keto beef jerky here

keto gift basket beef jerky

#22. Coconut chips

This is an amazing and very different type of keto snack. During keto coconut oil is the ingredient for success, coconut chips are the chips for your movie night.

Dang Toasted coconut chips are unsweetened, gluten free and made from fresh Thai coconuts. It's made from the copra (coconut meat), sliced out and toasted with salt. It's also packed with protein and fiber.

» Check out delicious coconut chips here

keto gift basket coconut chips

#23. Epic meat bar

Finding a salty meat bar that's low in carbs and can actually keep you full can be tough. But you know what is epic? Epic meat bar.

It's 100% grass fed and a good protein source. In a compact package, a good travel companion that fits perfectly into your camping bag or travel jacket.

» Check out truly epic meat bar here

keto gift basket epic meat bar

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