Maximize your keto diet: The essential list of keto supplements



You have finally decided to embrace the ketogenic diet and chosen to go all in with the keto diet. You have done your research about what foods you can and should eat, you know exactly how keto works and why it is awesome.

But you still may be wondering if you should consider keto supplements or not? Well, you are in the right place! In this post, we will go over everything you need to know about keto supplements to maximize your keto diet and improve your weight loss journey.

Let’s start with the age-old question, do I need to take keto supplements to burn fat? The quick and dirty answer is no.

Does it help? Yes. The important thing is to understand what you are going to face against with when doing keto diet e.g. side effects.

There are many different keto supplements - some are more basics and some more advanced. Some are helping you to get into ketosis, other are helping you to stay there (assuming you are measuring ketone levels). Either way, keto supplements can maximize your results and improve the diet process.

This article is focusing on the essential keto supplements, which will improve your health and reduce the keto diet side effects. Keto diet side effects are often called keto flu, set of symptoms first-time ketoers often experience.

It is not actually flu, and definitely not contagious but can be very tiresome. Using essential keto supplements can reduce keto flu and make the process getting into ketosis much easier. Especially in the early stages of the diet, when you want to give up more easily.

If you are in a hurry, then this is the TL; DR overview of my top 6 nutritional keto supplements you should consider adding to your keto diet regimen.


Main effects

Where to buy



Electrolytes, reduces keto flu, improves energy



Electrolytes, reduces keto flu, improves energy



Electrolytes, reduces keto flu, improves energy


Fish oil

Improves overall health, energy and sleep


Vitamind D

Improves overall health, energy and sleep



Reduces side effects like constipation

Electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium)

What it is
Sodium is an all-natural mineral which helps our bodies to maintain fluid balance, needed for muscle contractions and nerve signalling. One of the most popular nutrition myths is that you need to avoid salt at any cost. When you are a healthy individual who is rocking keto diet, you will lose a lot of water and sodium during the first weeks. Therefore, getting enough sodium is crucial.

sodium essential keto supplement

Why you need it
During the first weeks of the ketogenic diet, your body will lose a lot of water, together with sodium. A sodium imbalance can be fatal. Fortunately, the lack of sodium can be easily fixed, just add pink Himalayan or Celtic Sea salt (not standard table salt) to all of your meals.

Signs of deficiency
Hyponatremia, headache, muscle weakness and cramps, fatigue, etc.

What it is
Potassium is an essential mineral for our bodies, but also one of the most deficient minerals in low carb diets. It’s relatively common in everyday diets (not only in keto) not to consume enough potassium to meet daily requirements. Apart from eating avocados, one of the best ways to add potassium to your ketogenic diet is with potassium chloride.

potassium essential keto supplements

Why you need it
The good thing is that virtually all fruits and veggies contain significant amounts of potassium. The problem with potassium is that many potassium rich foods are not keto friendly foods. This makes the potassium intake through food little bit difficult. Some foods that contain potassium are avocados, nuts, mushrooms, and salmon.

Signs of deficiency
Hypertension, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, constipation, depression, irritability or skin problems, etc.

What it is
Magnesium is a dietary mineral. Magnesium deficiency is the second most common deficiency in developed countries (the first being vitamin D). Its intake is especially vital for everyone who is physically active. Magnesium needs to be available for the body to know when to switch on and off enzyme and hormone production. Additionally, magnesium is vital for helping to keep the brain and muscle relaxed.

magnesium essential keto supplement

Why you need it
The main problem with magnesium is that it is not absorbed well from food. And when you are in keto diet, your net carb intake is below 30 grams, you are likely not getting more than 70% of your RDA. Eating higher fat diet reduces the absorption of magnesium from the intestinal tract. Taking a natural supplement of magnesium is probably the best thing you can do for your body. And definitely use magnesium citrate, which is the form which has better absorption rates for your body.

Signs of deficiency
Reduced insulin sensitivity, muscle cramps, dizziness, low energy, fatigue, lack of sleep, headaches, high blood pressure, breathing problems, etc.

What it is
General health supplement, mostly taken as a source of omega 3 fats. Fish oil is commonly used to refer 2 types of omega 3 fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These omega 3 fats are mainly found in fish, animal products, and phytoplankton. Fish oil is often the most recommended as it is the cheapest source for them.

omega 3 essential keto supplement

Why you need it
For many of us, it is not possible to eat fish in needed high quantities, in order to receive the optimal levels of omega 3 (as well as omega 6 and 9 fats). The average diet (e.g. eggs and red meat) are high in omega 6 fatty acids, that is why fishy oils are recommended to balance the ratio. Although fish oil is not a stimulant, it increases brain activity, so the stimulatory effect may appear after some time. Research suggests, that fish oil supplements lower the levels of blood triglycerides, which are beneficial when you are on a keto diet.

Signs of deficiency
Rough or dry skin, dull or lifeless hair, brittle nails, excessive thirst, sleep problems (especially settling at night and waking in the morning), emotional sensitivity (depression, excessive mood swings), fatigue, etc.

What it is
Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that benefits us from bone health to mood. The importance of vitamin D is often underestimated. It is a fat-soluble vitamin (must be taken with food that contains fat, this should be an issue with keto diet) and also functions as a hormone in the body.

vitamin d essential keto supplement

Why you need it
This keto supplement is actually all purpose. Vitamin D has a huge impact on your overall well-being. It is responsible for regulating mood, metabolism and the production of hormones, bone density, strength, helps with fat loss, increases testosterone levels, etc. As it is impossible to get enough vitamin D from food sources, the only option is to get it from the sun light. If you are not living near the equator, the chances are that you are running low on vitamin D. According to a study from 2011, whopping 41.6% of adults in the US are deficient. This number goes up to 69.2% of Hispanics and 82.1% in African-Americans.

Signs of deficiency
Bone pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, sleeping problems, back pain, depression, hair loss, etc.

What it is
Fiber is a fantastic nutrient for your body. It is the part of food which passes through your system completely intact because it cannot be broken down by your digestion. Fortunately, many fruits and veggies are rich in fiber. If broccoli and other greens are not your favorites, well, it makes things more difficult, as these are the lowest carb veggies you can eat.

fiber essential keto supplement

Why you need it
As the keto diet is extremely low in carbs, it eliminates all the fiber-rich grains and severely limiting the portions of fruits and veggies. This results in high risk of constipation. If you are in a situation where you can’t fit any more veggies into your diet, you may want to consider fiber supplements.

Signs of deficiency
Constipation, weight gain, diet related nausea, tiredness, etc.

The take home message

These keto supplements will not achieve your weight loss goals by themselves. But they will improve the overall health and well-being, and the same time minimizing the side effects of the keto diet.

So you should definitely add them to your keto diet regime.

The presumption for any dietary supplement is that you eat properly balanced food, and use supplements to complement your menu – especially in case of the ketogenic diet.

Keep in mind that it’s vital to listen and monitor your body. Give what your body needs only when it needs it.

The ketogenic diet offers a lot of benefits, that is very beneficial for everyone who is trying to change their physique, so do it wisely.


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