What is Bodyketosis and why I’m doing this?

As you are here now and reading this, you probably are looking for the most effective and easiest way to lose weight. Well, I’m not going to lie, you are in the right place.

My name is Alex and this is my very first blog ever. I decided to create Bodyketosis to share my journey to stop dreaming and finally becoming the best version of myself. By this I mean eating healthy as a lifestyle not a onetime fix. 

Wake-up call

It’s 20th of June, it’s my birthday. I am standing in front of the mirror, again one year has passed from my last birthday. I look exactly the same. Probably even gained couple of kilograms. I look at myself in the mirror and feel that this is a yearly thing for me. I dream and dream about losing weight one day, but the day never comes. It is a dream.

Me standing there on my 27th birthday, being overweight and dreaming about becoming fit was a true wakeup call. I understood that I need to lose weight and lose weight fast. There was no going back, I am getting older and older every year, I am already experiencing negative effects that eating junk day in and out has on your body and it only gets harder.

Found the solution

So, this was the moment where I started thinking ways on how to lose body fat so I could finally brake out from this over eating cycle I had been in years. During the same time, I had a tragedy in my family, as a result of which my aunt was diagnosed type 2 diabetes. Her doctor prescribed her to follow the ketogenic diet, in order to facilitate the diabetes.

Long story short I was very surprised that some diet can help in this situation and once I started reading about it I understood that the ketogenic diet is not only for curing diseases (like type 2 diabetes) but also very effective way to lose body fat.

This is a journey

This will be the place where I will document my weight loss journey through ketogenic diet and hopefully will give you enough motivation and know-how on your own journey on losing body fat or managing diabetes.