Hello, you!

My name is Alex and I am the author of Bodyketosis. This is the main driving force to force me to work on myself and my body. I had two big wake-up calls in my life. First was on my birthday in 2017, where I was still overweight – although I had promised myself last 4 years to start losing weight.

So, this was the moment where I started thinking ways on how to lose body fat so I could finally brake out from this over eating cycle I had been in years. During the same time, I had a tragedy in my family, as a result of which my aunt and her daughter were diagnosed type 2 diabetes. This changed a lot in our family and they needed to start following the ketogenic diet, in order to facilitate the diabetes.

I was very surprised that any kind of diet can help and after hours of research I understood that it can be a solution for my problem as well.

That is how Bodyketosis was born – to help anyone who are struggling with overweight, obesity, type 2 diabetes or other diseases to overcome them and to feel better than they have ever felt before.

This is a journey and a diary, where I will try to document everything keto related. If you have any ideas, requests or questions then all of them are more than welcome – use the contact page.

Body in ketosis is a happy body



Disclosure: I am not a nutritionist nor a doctor. The information on this site is not meant to be given as medical advice. This website is a source for sharing information, resources, and motivation. Before starting any diet, consult with your physician and or doctor to assess all the health issues that could arise and work with them accordingly. 


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